Let’s Unplug

The Reader made a petition, recently. He’s been trying to get signatures.

The basic idea is that, “Electronics are cutting us of(f) from society! Nobody knows how to socialize anymore!”

I have to wonder if he’s trying to indirectly tell me something. Whatever the case, he’s making steady progress – 8 signatures so far.

Super-Long Waterslide

Last year (or maybe the year before?) we purchased a waterslide. It’s about 20 feet long, and lots of fun. But what’s more fun than a waterslide?

Two waterslides!

Two times the waterslides, two times the fun!

RV Trip Part IV: Hancock

We reached the furthest part of our trip upon arrival to Hancock. I used to live in Hancock back in college, so I was familiar with the area. But that was around 15 years ago, and I had forgotten how beautiful the Keweenaw Peninsula is. Furthermore, the campsite was the best, yet.

There was plenty of space, along with trails to explore directly behind our site.

And, of course, we spent a lot of time swimming!

The docks were great for jumping into the water, and we even had fun swimming under the docks. After some time, the Reader and I swam out to one of the buoys for fun. That wasn’t a real problem, because the Reader knows how to swim well.

The Negotiator, on the other hand, isn’t as practiced in swimming, so he used a flotation device for assistance throughout the swimming venture.

Later, I went back to the campsite to get money for ice cream. Little did I know that the Negotiator would see this as an opportune time to swim out the the buoy – by himself – as a challenge. He didn’t want to be outdone.

Thankfully, nothing bad happened – he made it back to shore, safely… After touching the buoy, of course… Around that time, I had returned with money for ice cream to buy – they had a stand selling ice cream there on the beach.

We all enjoyed it 🙂

And shortly after the ice cream…? More swimming!

So, we ate it.

We had a good night’s rest, and then got back on the road to head all the way back to the lower peninsula.

RV Trip Part V: L’Anse

Next stop on our camping adventure in the UP was L’Anse. I had heard of the town before, since it’s relatively close to Michigan Tech, but I had never spent much time there. When we arrived, the atmosphere was more like a park than the previous locations.

The kids seemed to like the park better than the previous places. We arrived a little late, so check-in was already closed. But it didn’t seem to matter, because our reservation was already there.

The campground was very clean, and had plenty of space for the kids to run around.

Aside from that, there was ample time to go swimming!

The water, as we’d come to expect, was clear and beautiful. This section of water had rocks on the bottom, so Mom and Dad tried skipping some stones.

And of course, we had a nice time around the campfire when it got dark.

Then, it was off to bed!

In the morning, we had pancakes in the RV.

And we ended our stay in L’Anse with a hike on “Cathy’s Path”, which was located on-site.

All in all, we had a great time in L’Anse. It was the cleanest campground so far, with nice water for great swimming!

New Bikes

Dad and the Reader got new bikes, and we went to a park to ride them.

Then they went really fast. Can you spot them?

I walked Hope instead of biking.

A Cat and a Dog

Ninja and Hope seem to get along well. They like to wrestle around although sometimes it doesn’t seem obvious whether they are playing or fighting.