Snow’s Return!

Finally, snow came back! We didn’t have a white Christmas this year, but at least the kids could play in the snow. As usual, the Negotiator wanted to make a snowman. Here he is, in action:

After rolling a snowball sufficiently large, I was tasked with the job of carrying the snowball up on the deck for snowman construction. It’s a good thing I’ve been working out!

Shared Office Space

Periodically, the kids share my office to do their schoolwork. The Negotiator did so, recently, to work on a project to make a snowflake out of paper.

Naturally, he kept things tidy.

Next time he visits to share the office with me, I’m expecting more snowfall.

‘Twas the Day After Christmas

After Christmas, we wanted to go out and have some fun. We hit up one of the local parks. The weather was just too beautiful to stay inside.

We spent some time walking our dog, enjoying the fresh air, seeing various types of birds (swans, geese, seagulls, and more!), and even playing on the playground. I got some good exercise in playing on the playground, myself, with the Negotiator! The Reader spent some time with us, as well.

The weather was simply great. It may not feel like “Christmas weather” without the snow. But it certainly felt great to get outside!

Christmas Day

We woke up on Christmas Day, and Santa had come to pay our house a visit. We all woke up early. The kids were excited to get started!

Before opening presents, we continued with a tradition I had experienced growing up – reading Luke 2 from the Bible before getting started. The Reader did a great job starting off the day’s festivities!

The kids received too many gifts to mention here, but overall, I think they had a nice Christmas. The Reader also got a nice superhero suit!

It’s almost as if you can’t see him – he’s a shadow!

As for me, Hyunjin gave me an acoustic guitar!

I had been thinking of getting a guitar for some time, now. Now that I have one, it’s time to practice!

Throughout the day, we had lots of food – a Christmas Feast (see the other post about Christmas Day, from earlier!), and we played many games. One game that the kids received was the game of Life – the Mario Edition.

We did our best to get to Bowser and defeat him. I have yet to win this game. But I enjoyed having fun with my family.

Holiday Treats

It’s been an interesting year. We’ve done a lot of things in 2021, but we’ve still mainly stayed at home. As Christmas approached, I wanted to have some “holiday spirit”, but it was a little difficult to get into the mood. Even the weather left us with grass instead of snow.

So in an effort to feel more “Christmasy”, I decided to make some holiday treats.

Traditionally, I’ve always been a fan of Christmas chocolates. I made some peanut butter balls and peanut clusters. We shared some with the neighbors (who kindly left us some treats, themselves!), but we ate most of them ourselves. In terms of raising Christmas spirit… I think it helped a little 🙂

Later, on Christmas Eve, I made some “Christmas Tree Pancakes” for the kids.

Basically, they are regular pancakes that are colored green. Smaller pancakes are stacked on top to make a pyramid shape. Colored whipped cream and sprinkles add to the festive look.

The question was… would the kids eat them?

Yes. Yes, in fact, they ate them rather quickly.

Christmas Eve and Christmas

Sadly, there was no snow this year. Rather, it was quite warm. Since the weather was warm, we took a walk to see Burnt in a very long time.

Of course, Hope went, too.
As we were getting closer, they got excited and started running.

Then it was Christmas day!

After all the present opening, Dad cooked an amazing feast.

They all tasted delicious! Yum-