Pumpkin Festival

Last weekend, we drove by this town where it happened to be having Pumpkin Festival. We didn’t plan it but we got some tokens and participated in some events.

Some wall climbing?
Ring toss!
Ball tossing

It was a nice surprise! We won some little goodies and had a great time 🙂


While the Reader was having a cross country practice, the Negotiator and I took Hope for a walk. The weather here is so nice these days!

We went to the playground…

It was fun to spend some time just two of us(during the work hour – hooray for the remote working job! lol).

Hope, of course, had a great time.


We got a trampoline last weekend. Now whenever they can take a break from online school, the boys want to go out and jump on the trampoline.

It looks like Dad is enjoying it too…

The Reader’s XC Time Trial

The Reader has joined the cross country team this year. Running 3 days a week seems a lot to Mom, but the Reader is really enjoying it (he was upset when the practice got canceled last week due to rain).

Today was the time trial and we all went to cheer him on. I was too focused on cheering and able to take only three photos.

He was the 39th out of 86 runners. He ran all the way through!

Later he told me that he tried not to clench a fist as the coaches told him.

We are so proud of him!


It was a beautiful autumn day and we had to go out for a walk.

8 year old!

The Negotiator turned 8 last weekend! We asked him how he feels about being 8 and he answered “it feels same.”

We opened the presents first (of course!).

We had Dad’s special pizza!

We also played party games and video games, and danced! I hope that he had an awesome day 🙂