Mandoo Time

Mandoo or 만두 is Korean dumpling. We have been wanting to make homemade mandoo and finally made them last weekend!

Dad tried hard… I didn’t tell him that, in Korea, people say “you will have a cute daughter when you make a good looking mandoo.” Shhh…

And of course, the boys made them too.

Chess with Dad

The Negotiator is more interested in chess these days.

Camping with the Cub Scouts!

Last weekend was our first pack campout with the Cub Scouts! We set off on Friday night, and camped out for two nights (well, the boys did – Mom joined us on Saturday night).

Only a handful of scouts made it to the first night out – but there were enough to have a nice campfire. Both the Reader and the Negotiator were interested in telling scary stories.

The Reader told stories from memory, while the Negotiator read from a book – at least until his audience walked away. A little while later, we all went to bed. It had been a little rainy, but not too bad… OR SO WE THOUGHT!

I don’t know what time it was, but sometime in the middle of the night, it started pouring… Absolutely pouring! Gusts of wind tore through the campsite, and blew the roof off of our tent. I brought in our shoes, which had been outside – and now were soaking wet. I also fixed the roof of the tent.

But it was too late – everything was soaked. The floor was wet, and our sleeping bags were drenched. It was cold. And hard to sleep. Somehow, we made it through the night, and the rain stopped.

The Reader had a cross country race that we left to attend, and then we went to get Mom. Later, some more kids started to show up!

Fortunately, we had enough time to participate in some slingshotting.

And best of all, Saturday night, the weather was great! We had lots of fun around the campfire with other parents and kids. The Reader even roasted some caramel apples over the fire!

To add to the fun, this time, we decided to use air mattresses. It took some time to get everyone full of air, but the air mattresses, combined with the great (non-rainy!) weather, made for a GREAT night of sleep!

The kids even had fun playing in the morning with some of the other scouts.

We had a fun time – especially when it wasn’t raining 🙂

The Negotiator’s Reading Time

He needs a few things for his reading time – Luigi doll, Hope, a blanket and a book (of course).

They all seem to enjoy this reading/snuggle time.

The Last Race of the Season

Last Saturday was the Reader’s last cross country race for the season. He didn’t have enough sleep at camping but had a record of 19:09 for 2 mile race!

(Not many pics as Mom and Dad were busy running as well ;))

And here’s the Negotiator waiting…

More Trampoline

It has been cool, crisp autumn like weather and the boys spend a lot of time outside before it gets cold.