Cub Scouts

I’m a den leader for the Negotiator’s Wolf Den in cub scouts. Each week, I plan different activities so the cubs can advance toward completing the requirements for being Wolf Scouts.

Recently, we’ve been working on our “Howling at the Moon” Adventure, which includes the requirement to design a skit. Here’s a picture of the Negotiator and some of his denmates acting it out!

The Negotiator choose the theme of the skit, which was, “I want to ride a wolf like a horse”…

Date Night!

It’s not every day that Mom and Dad have the opportunity to go out for a date. But we had the chance recently, and ate out in downtown Saline!

The weather was nice, and the food was good. The company wasn’t too shabby, either 😉

The Reader’s XC

The Reader has joined the cross country team and is doing great!

This day I could get a glimpse of him running during practice.

It’s not pictured here, but he eventually caught up the girl in the blue shirt too!

Then there was a scrimmage last Friday.

Hope was there too, of course!

Then the race starts!

Toward the end of the race –

He finished with 13:56:16 for 1.5 mile race! Great job!!!

Pumpkin Hunt

We participated the city rec center’s flashlight pumpkin hunt again this year.

It was a fun event with pumpkin hunt (of course), craft, and snacks. I tried to take pictures but they seem all blurry ‘0’

Before the hunt – the Negotiator with his flashlight, the Reader with his night vision goggles, and Dad with a flashlight hat!

After the hunt I asked the Negotiator to pose next to this skeleton.

Some craft with snacks.

The Reader sweated a lot after carrying the pumpkin all the way!


The Negotiator started a chess club and since then all the boys have been enjoying playing chess.

Dad and the Negotiator…

The Negotiator and the Reader

Maybe I need to play chess as well…?


You know what they say about carnivals? No? Well, neither do I. But I know that the kids like them. So we stopped by – with masks, of course.

Rides, rides, and more rides. My stomach was queazy. I felt like throwing up. So we took a break to play some games.

It was a good time.

But queazy.