We woke up on Christmas Day, and Santa had come to pay our house a visit. We all woke up early. The kids were excited to get started!

Before opening presents, we continued with a tradition I had experienced growing up – reading Luke 2 from the Bible before getting started. The Reader did a great job starting off the day’s festivities!

The kids received too many gifts to mention here, but overall, I think they had a nice Christmas. The Reader also got a nice superhero suit!

It’s almost as if you can’t see him – he’s a shadow!

As for me, Hyunjin gave me an acoustic guitar!

I had been thinking of getting a guitar for some time, now. Now that I have one, it’s time to practice!

Throughout the day, we had lots of food – a Christmas Feast (see the other post about Christmas Day, from earlier!), and we played many games. One game that the kids received was the game of Life – the Mario Edition.

We did our best to get to Bowser and defeat him. I have yet to win this game. But I enjoyed having fun with my family.

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