We reached the furthest part of our trip upon arrival to Hancock. I used to live in Hancock back in college, so I was familiar with the area. But that was around 15 years ago, and I had forgotten how beautiful the Keweenaw Peninsula is. Furthermore, the campsite was the best, yet.

There was plenty of space, along with trails to explore directly behind our site.

And, of course, we spent a lot of time swimming!

The docks were great for jumping into the water, and we even had fun swimming under the docks. After some time, the Reader and I swam out to one of the buoys for fun. That wasn’t a real problem, because the Reader knows how to swim well.

The Negotiator, on the other hand, isn’t as practiced in swimming, so he used a flotation device for assistance throughout the swimming venture.

Later, I went back to the campsite to get money for ice cream. Little did I know that the Negotiator would see this as an opportune time to swim out the the buoy – by himself – as a challenge. He didn’t want to be outdone.

Thankfully, nothing bad happened – he made it back to shore, safely… After touching the buoy, of course… Around that time, I had returned with money for ice cream to buy – they had a stand selling ice cream there on the beach.

We all enjoyed it 🙂

And shortly after the ice cream…? More swimming!

So, we ate it.

We had a good night’s rest, and then got back on the road to head all the way back to the lower peninsula.

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