The Reader’s XC

The Reader has joined the cross country team and is doing great!

This day I could get a glimpse of him running during practice.

It’s not pictured here, but he eventually caught up the girl in the blue shirt too!

Then there was a scrimmage last Friday.

Hope was there too, of course!

Then the race starts!

Toward the end of the race –

He finished with 13:56:16 for 1.5 mile race! Great job!!!

Pumpkin Hunt

We participated the city rec center’s flashlight pumpkin hunt again this year.

It was a fun event with pumpkin hunt (of course), craft, and snacks. I tried to take pictures but they seem all blurry ‘0’

Before the hunt – the Negotiator with his flashlight, the Reader with his night vision goggles, and Dad with a flashlight hat!

After the hunt I asked the Negotiator to pose next to this skeleton.

Some craft with snacks.

The Reader sweated a lot after carrying the pumpkin all the way!


The Negotiator started a chess club and since then all the boys have been enjoying playing chess.

Dad and the Negotiator…

The Negotiator and the Reader

Maybe I need to play chess as well…?


You know what they say about carnivals? No? Well, neither do I. But I know that the kids like them. So we stopped by – with masks, of course.

Rides, rides, and more rides. My stomach was queazy. I felt like throwing up. So we took a break to play some games.

It was a good time.

But queazy.

Let’s Unplug

The Reader made a petition, recently. He’s been trying to get signatures.

The basic idea is that, “Electronics are cutting us of(f) from society! Nobody knows how to socialize anymore!”

I have to wonder if he’s trying to indirectly tell me something. Whatever the case, he’s making steady progress – 8 signatures so far.

Super-Long Waterslide

Last year (or maybe the year before?) we purchased a waterslide. It’s about 20 feet long, and lots of fun. But what’s more fun than a waterslide?

Two waterslides!

Two times the waterslides, two times the fun!