1/17/22 -1/22/22

Working/schooling from home has a few positive aspects as well such as definitely relaxing morning.

So the Negotiator can help out with cooking.

Breakfast time can be less rushing too.

Speaking of meals, here are what we had last week.

The little creek in our backyard is frozen now that the boys can walk on it without worrying about the ice cracking.

We participated in a virtual magic show one day.

I ordered a rug not expecting that it would be a play object for the boys.

The Reader had to do some exercises for his Cub Scout activity.

I guess that’s it for the last week. This week is supposedly getting very cold. Safe driving!

Winter Survival Challenge

We found out that a local nature center was hosting this event called “Winter Survival Challenge” and were excited to attend! It was a cold day with sunshine, so it was a perfect weather.

We were following the map of the area. When we got to Frogs’ Bluff, there was a secret code searching challenge.

At the clearing, our challenges were to start fire and to build a fort. They were hard with limited resources, however, Dad was determined and we were the only family that started fire!

We successfully finished our mission. It was cold but adventurous.


It was so sunny and clear that we decided to take a short trip to Lansing.

Our main destination was the State Capitol:

We tried to look around the town a bit more…

But it was TOO cold!

We had bagel sandwiches with funny names for take out and came home:

1/10/22 – 1/14/22

Another week flew by. It was cold and we had no snow. The boys finished the semester of the online learning.

While we are busy at work/school, the pets are…

Mimi sat on the Negotiator’s lap and he was super careful not to bother her!

And Ninja… He is an interesting creature.

1/3/22 -1/9/22

The temperature dropped a lot this week, but it has been quite sunny. The 4-legged critters are enjoying the sun.

And this interesting cat dude…

It was super cold but Hope and I went out for a short walk. We had to be careful not to slip on the ice.

Breakfast menus:

How these guys learn (?):

Walk on a Cold Day

I think this was last Thursday. We went to the park and the library, which is our usual routine. The air was cold but fresh, and there was no one in the park.