Little moments of these days…

How they stay warm
A couple of weeks ago before the weather got cold, the boys wanted to have a packed lunch on their treehouse. It has been almost two years that Mom packed lunch for them…
The morning intruder


This is a somewhat late post on Halloween.

As usual, the boys planned out how they wanted to spend the day.

We started with pumpkin carving design (only designing, carving is by Dad).

Then “Pin the tail on a ghost”. I have a picture of Dad playing only lol.

We wanted a wagon ride but we don’t have a wagon. So a tractor ride.

After than was a pumpkin bowling and it was a big hit!

It continued indoor with musical chair with pumpkin – you pass around the pumpkin and if you get the pumpkin when the music ends, you are out!

The great finale was a dance party.

After Rain

Then the rain finally stopped and we had to go outside!

The Negotiator found a caterpillar.

Do you see him?

I was nervous that he might fall although he was confident that he wouldn’t fall.

Rainy Day

We had several rainy days last week. It was so muddy that the boys couldn’t go outside.

This is what they did during rainy days.

They were talking and laughing — it looked like they were having fun.


With work, it hasn’t been easy to go out for a walk during weekdays. I’ve decided to go for a walk with Hope after lunch. The sky was so blue today.


After the heavy rain yesterday, today was cool crisp fall weather.

I snapped a couple of pictures of the backyard.

The creek in the back was big after the rain, and the sound of the water running was nice. The boys had to check it out.

There goes the Reader on skateboard!

Then we played Cops and Robbers. We were at the library park. It’s a routine, duh!

Hope had a great time too.